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According to a survey conducted by the technology company Clearleap, Millennials generation tend to hire more and more Streaming services to enjoy the content of their preference, relegating to the background television by cable or satellite. According to the Adobe Digital Index, the number of users watching live soccer streaming increased by 640%, year after year.

This change of behavior by the spectators, offers new opportunities to strengthen and increase income through soccer clubs and live broadcasting. So, if you belong to a club, league or organization that is considering Live Streaming sports, open your eyes, because below we explain some of the great benefits of using this platform.

Greater reach

We start with one of the most important benefits of Live Streaming and is that, using this platform, it eliminates the geographical barriers. By simply inserting the streaming into the social networks and the organization’s website or app, this content will be available to all interested in the sport, which can access it from anywhere in the world.

live soccer tv

Multiple angles

Through the use of online media, Collaborative Video Platform organizations can create and choose multiple viewpoints of the same sporting event, which can be transmitted live from their website or official app. In turn, people who belong to a sports club, know that fans are a vital part for all parties, so why not give them more prominence? With online broadcasting, viewers can also be licensed content generators, this being the best way to create a more real and close-to-amateur broadcast.

Enhance the amateur experience

Another benefit of the live streaming is being able to integrate surveys, interviews or receive immediate feedback from viewers. This allows clubs to interact with their audience in a whole new way, creating a greater sense of belonging, on the part of fans, towards their favorite team.

Generate income

There are several traditional models such as pay-per-view or the payment model through subscriptions that are already being implemented through the websites / apps of some live soccer streaming clubs:

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A clear example of payment through subscriptions is Netflix, where Liverpool FC offers a complete package for its fans. For a fee per month, their fans have access to matches, live news programs, interviews, pre-match analysis, etc. This exclusive content ensures a good number of followers who will want to subscribe and keep abreast of the latest news from the team


LFC Barcelona offers its meetings in both business models. In the case of pay-per-view users can decide between buying individual matches and buying the full Copa Del Rey tournament on YouTube. The final is not included in the full season package. This business model allows viewers to pay for what they really want to see, giving users the ability to decide and control content.

Tablets, computers and smartphones are replacing the television

According to the research “Digital Video and the Connected Consumer” made by the company Accenture ensures that the difficulty of getting a space on television due to its high cost may be bringing to an end of the popularity of television as a transmission device of parties and entertainment, being quickly replaced by computers, tablets and smartphones. This is because these devices offer the ability to access the content anytime, anywhere.

Why Live Soccer Streaming:

live soccer streaming

Live soccer streaming because, The trend is clear, Live soccer streaming is the present and the future of the media and entertainment. Are you ready to offer a new user experience and offer your matches in Live Streaming? With the Live Video Streaming there are no distances. You no longer have to move from home to enjoy in real time any event or event of interest.

Immediate feedback:

of the events being transmitted. Thanks to the social networks where we share our videos, we can get immediate feedback on what the audience thinks about our content, offering the option to be able to change the focus if needed.

Live activity,

through the webs and social networks, can reach a greater number of stakeholders in the content, regardless of geographical boundaries.

In terms of brands, these can <strong> show a more casual face </ strong> of their workers, because live recordings convey more naturalness and spontaneity.

Low Cost live soccer streaming Transmission:

It is no longer imperative to make large investments in hardware and software that only major brands could afford. At present, both small businessmen and influencers and even any user, can make a live streaming video with only a smartphone. Make special ads or exclusive releases. Get income by monetizing the content, for example from banner ads. Interviews with influencers. Users can <strong> questions live </ strong> to the artists they admire, creating closeness between them.

Direct customer service:

Brands can perform a live streaming video session in which they answer live the questions and frequent problems that their users have, reflecting a clear interest of the brand for the well-being of its consumers.

Good vibes:

One of the key elements of streaming is the fun it offers among the participants, providing a space where people feel closer and understand that behind the marks there are people so real and Simple like them.

Get Customers Feedback:

Inviting your customers to join a question and answer issue allows you to create a feedback space. Through this dynamic, you can start by encouraging consumers to share their opinion about products, possible improvements, share ideas for new campaigns, solve doubts and address any problems that might arise.

We must not forget that, before making any of these transmissions, it is advisable to announce its realization a few days before through social networks, in order to obtain the greatest possible scope. Another important factor is the treatment of customers. When making a live soccer streaming website or blog, we must be very attentive to all comments and interactions, because this immediate feedback can help us redirect the content of our broadcasts, the case of which were not reporting the expected results. Do you dare to make a live broadcast to increase your sales and strengthen your brand?