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Bid for the star player Marco Asensio from Real Madrid:

Finally, the news came true from the coordinator of Arsenal that they are making the bids for the star player of Real Madrid named, Marco Asensio. Marco who is currently 21 years old and has enough skills in the football career proved best for the Real Madrid as they lifted up the title of La Liga from the Barcelona club. The Spanish player Diario is saying that the young 21-year-old Marco has the attention from many clubs because of his brilliant football skills. Many of the top class clubs are looking for the entry of Marco in their team. It is one of the top news from Arsenal transfer news now.

Liverpool, Arsenal and the Juventus have made bids for the famous Real Madrid player Marco Asensio. Marco is also looking for the change of team as he shared his thoughts and expression with Gol that he will leave the team if Zidane does not give him the guarantee of regular games from the club. Surely, it is one of the best and great news for the football clubs. Arsenal is going to make the best from this offer and also making the bids for this player.

Chelsea is now setting the pressure for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain:

Arsenal transfer news now

Chelsea is now stepping up the particular pressure on the Arsenal club with ultimately an increased bid of £35 million for the Alex Oxlade- Chamberlain. The former premier league champions are now seeing and an initial offer of £25 million offer buffed again by the Arsenal. On the other hand, Chelsea manager Conte is one of the massive fans of the England’s midfielder and is no fully determined to recruit this player before the closure of transfer window. Conte is seeing Oxlade-Chamberlain’s ultimate versatility as a right forward or the right midfielder and also as a golden addition to the squad. He is also feeling understrength with the Champions League football league.

Oxlade-chamberlain is now only having one year in the bucket with Arsenal deal, and he has the right to leave the club after the season ends. He is now ready for the change according to the inner news from the center. The fans are seeing this story as a real difference for both of the teams and also good luck to the players. It is the latest arsenal transfer news now and also trending in the international market.

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