The complete guidance related to Colombia Primera B football league


What is Colombia Primera B?

It is a football league that originated from Colombia. Torneo Aguilla is the second name of this league. It started due to the sponsorship of the beverage company Bavaria, and it is the second division soccer league in the Colombia.

Colombia Primera B

The format of Colombia Primera B:

MIMAYOR applied a new form for the year 2015. It was due to the expansion to more than 20 teams in a Colombia tournament of Primera A. Unlike the past; this league will now no longer have the Apertura and Finalization seasons. Now it will be like other big leagues, and the method of all the games will be a year-long tournament, and all the teams will play away, and hometown matches. The first phase will include everyone against everyone away and home homes. Each/one team will play one game at home and one match away from home against one particular team. The second phase is a 2-group phase with the all top 8 teams. These 8-teams will be finalized after the group matches. The winners of the 2-groups are getting the promotion in the Colombia Primera B.

Teams of the year 2017:

These are the following teams that will take part in Colombia Primera B. all of them are best in the world with quality football players. In addition to this, they are also the champions of their regions. You have to watch the league for the better entertainment and quality football. They are 16 in number and have world class players. Although this league is not famous as like to Champion League millions of people are also involved in making this league a World Class football league. In edition 1, there were fewer teams in number but as the time flies more and number of teams are willing to play with their passionate players. Have a look at the teams with their cities.

  • Atletico F.C from Cali
  • Barranquilla F.C from Barranquilla
  • Bogota F.C from Bogota
  • Boyaca Chico from Tunja
  • Cucuta Deprtivo from Cucuta
  • Deportes Quindio from Armenia
  • Deportivo Pereira from Pereira
  • Fortaleza from Bogota
  • Leones F.C from Itagui
  • LlanerosC from Villavicencio
  • Orsomarso S.C from Palmira
  • Real Cartagena from Cartagena
  • Real Santander from Floridabiaca
  • Union Magdalena from Santa Marta
  • Universitario Popayan from Popayan
  • ValleduparC from Valledupar from Valledupar

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